(Sub) End Title Screen

Developing the idea for the end title screen

In my own time outside of college I decided to work on the credit scene, in which I had the idea that as the credits rolled at the end of the game they would play over a animated or still image of the raccoon sailing away in a boat as the sun rose due to the fact the game took place at night. I got this idea from games I had played before that had similar endings where the final image was made from pixel art even if the main game wasn’t made from pixels. An example of the ending I am on about is from a game called Pokémon Ruby/Emerald/Sapphire.

To create this I used a website called Piskel which I have used before in projects such as last years game jam in which I created a futuristic background for our game Futuristic Dawn.

The first thing I did was research some of the ideas I had and found some reference images that I could use.


Day 1

After I had everything I needed I created a 1024 by 1024 pixel grid and started from the bottom with the water. My main goal with this piece was to try and make sure I had some feeling of shading as well as colour blending unlike my Futuristic Dawn background. After the first day I had the image down below.

RBE blog image 72

Day 2

The next day I continued to work on the end screen, I managed to make a lot more progress this day now that I fully knew what I was doing. I had finally decided on the colour palette that I wanted to use, the only issue I continued to face was trying to effectively blend the colours in the water together to truly make it look like a sunrise.

RBE blog image 73

Day 3

By the end of day 3 I had managed to do the sun rising as well as the clouds making sure to try and stick to my colour palette. By the end of day 3 I had decided that I wanted to add in more clouds and possibly some other things in the sky as I felt it looked to bare.

RBE blog image 74

Day 4

By day 4 I had almost fully finished the still image. I added in more clouds like I wanted to but also some birds as I felt they added to the overall scene more. The only things I was unsure about was if I wanted to add a cloud or two into the bottom to mid right as well as the blending in the background. However, after testing what a blended background would look like I had decided to leave it until I had a clearer idea of what I wanted to do with it.

RBE blog image 75

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