(Sub) Weekly Meetings

Week 1: Concept idea thought of, all individually starting mood boards.

Week 2: Mood boards completed, project plan started, storyboards started,
Things to do: Trello, project plan, storyboards, asset list, playboard, concept art, Choose a name

Tom – Trello, project plan
Nathan – Traditional storyboard, concept art, playboard
Joel – Digital storyboard, concept art
Matthew – Unreal Project, Sound research

Trello link: https://trello.com/invite/b/Ux9sXZRB/b095174daa58fa84776b36d78455b7e5/final-synoptic-project-raccoon

Week 3: Project proposal coming to a finish/is finished.
Things to do: Prepare for project pitch

Week 4: Began modelling and prototyping base mechanics

As week 4 started we had our usual weekly meeting and discussed what we were all going to start getting on with for me that was starting to model the environment along with the main assets for the environment.

Week 5: Continue Modelling, texturing and prototyping

As week 5 started we had another weekly meeting in which we had discussed what progress we each made last week and each gave the others feedback based on what we had done the previous week. My goal for this week was to texture all of the models I had made the previous week as well as start on modelling the pier.

Week 6: Continue Modelling, texturing and prototyping
Nathan – Mainly focusing on environment
Tom – Mainly focusing on Rigging the Raccoon and looking into animating
Joel – Continuing to model assets
Matthew – Continuing to blueprint in Unreal

With week 6 commencing we again had our weekly meeting and checked how everyone was getting on and if they were still on schedule. We each showed our work for the previous week and gave each other feedback. We also made sure to update our Trello page also. My goal for this week is to finish modelling the Pier as well as modelling the stalls for the pier. I would also like to try and UV one of the assets as well by the end of this week.

Week 7
As week 7 commenced we had another weekly meeting to make sure we were all on task and to also revaluate the project and see what we would realistically be able to get done due to certain events happing in the real world currently.

By the end of this week my personal goal is to finish UVing the pier as well as texture it. Then I want to start putting everything I have together so I can see what still needs doing.

Week 8
As week 8 commenced we had our weekly meeting again digitally due to certain events in the world right now. We discussed what we have currently done and are doing as well as what we can no longer do due to Covid 19.

By the end of this week my goal is to have the final scene lighted, as well as model some of the assets to try and add more to the environment and make it fell more alive as at the minute I feel it looks quite bare.

Week 9
As week 9 commenced we had our weekly meeting again, by now most of our team was starting to finish up their own individual tasks for the end of the project in a little over a week.

My plan for this week was to create some post production marketing work for our game. After doing some research I planned on creating cover art for a Xbox/ps4 game case.

Week 10 (Final Week)
We had our final weekly meeting this week in which we discussed how much we had managed to achieve throughout the whole project as well as what still needed to be done for the final project presentation.

My plan for this week is to make sure everything gets done for the project presentation as well as I finish my evaluation and check everything else I have personally done is on my blog.

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