(Sub) Weekly Extension Tasks

For this weeks extension task I was tasked with researching a new skill which had something to do with my current project of creating a game and then implying it into my work. This skill could either be hand drawn or a digital skill. For me personally I looked into poses and low poly characters as for my project proposal one part I worked on was the character concept art. For this I needed to draw a low poly raccoon that visually looked the same from multiple different poses so that one of my team mates would be accurately able to model the raccoon and animate him. In particular for my research I used things such as YouTube videos, websites and google images, some of which I have linked below.

Low Poly Character Design


After doing some research and practicing some of these new skills myself I created the piece of paper below which includes our low poly raccoon in 4 different poses them being stood up, on all 4s, sat down, layed down and then a close up of the face of the raccoon. I feel this extension task has helped me a lot in realising how important concept art is in the pre production process but also how to draw more low poly characters which could help the person modelling that character a lot more.

RBE blog image 25


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