Asset Pack Project

Mind Map

This is a mind map of some quick basic ideas of locations I could look further into for my project. I plan on taking two or three ideas from this mind map and creating mood boards for them. However, I am leaning more to the history themes as I find them more interesting than the modern day themes.

Mind map

Pirate Ship Mood Board

The first theme i have decided to explore further is pirates because they really interest me, so i made a mood board of some of the things i could include in my asset pack to do with this theme. Things like the cannon and chest would have to be higher poly than the crate and barrel.Pirate ship mood board.PNG

Wild West Mood Board

Next i looked further into wild west and things that would be found back then that i could include in my Asset pack. The carriage would probably need the most time spent on it and it would have to be quite high poly so that it actually looked like a carriage. Wester Mood Board.PNG

Asset List

I decided to go with the pirate ship theme for my asset pack as it interested me more than the wild west theme so I made a asset list for the items i will include in my pack.

Asset list

Asset Pack Modeling Weekly Progress

Week 1

After the first week i have fully modeled my crate and barrel, all that needs to be done to them now is texturing, however I think that I might create my own textures for them using Photoshop. I have also fully modeled and textured my cannonballs.Asset pack week 1

Week 2

After the second week i have managed to fully model and texture my crate, barrel and cannonballs using my own made textures in Photoshop. I used tools like bevel and emboss aswell as tools like noise in Photoshop to create the textures. Overall I feel my own made textures turned out pretty well and gives them more of a personal realistic feel.


UV Mapping

These are some examples of my UV maps for my models. The three below are for my cannon stand and my cannon wheel. The UV mapping for my cannon was quite difficult as I had to try my best to make sure there was no stretching and also that the wood plants on my own made textures all matched up correctly. Overall, I feel like my UV mapping went quite well but that I could have improved how I laid it out so that it would have been more easy to add the textures onto it in Photoshop.


Rendered Models

After finishing all my models fully with textures in Maya I went and rendered them all using area light. I used the snipping tools to take the pictures down below of the models individually and then did them all in one scene. I decided to add a floor with a beach texture to link back to the theme of pirates and also as it allowed for me to add slight shadows to my 3D models on the floor.


Final Scene

Overall I feel like my asset pack turned out really well however if I would have had more time I would have also made some other models for example a treasure chest, a skull and a lantern as well as some others. I also feel that my rendering went pretty well but that I could have laid out my models in better positions on the floor.

Asset Pack Final Scene Rendered.PNG

Updated Final Scene

After getting some feedback on my final scene I decided to change the texture on the cannon and added some rust onto it as well to make it seem more realistic. If I had more time I would have worked on the texture a bit more though especially with the lighting and darkness on some bits of the texture.

Updated Asset Pack Render.PNG

Updated Asset List

This is my updated asset list with the dates I completed and fully textured the models. I ended up meeting all my estimated times for creating the models also I managed to keep to the estimated detail/poly count for all my models.

Updated Asset List


Overall, I believe my asset pack project went well except for a few parts which I could have improved upon.

I think that my modelling was quite effective, I was able to create four assets with a range of successes, which include a crate, a barrel, a cannon and some cannon balls. Most of these models I had to use tools like extrude and bridge tool for. I believe that I could have improved most of the models for example I could have done finer detail on the cannonballs that could have added more shape and texture to the model. I could have also tried to make the cannon be shaped slightly more accurately so that it looked almost fully realistic. Also with the crate and barrel I could have given them more shape to make them stand out even more.

I believe that I have learnt a lot more about UV mapping than I knew before this project. I feel I did well UV mapping the crate as I went for a different type of crate than the more usual ones. I also feel like the UV mapping for the cannon stand went quite well for how much stretching their originally was which meant I had to use a lot of planar mapping to separate parts of the model to try fix the stretching. On the other hand, the cannon itself could have been improved upon quite a bit even thought I tried my best I could with the skills I had at the time.

I think that, when texturing the models UV maps, I tried my best at each with varying degrees of success. For example, I believe that I textured the crate well as I used my own made texture in Photoshop which allowed me to easily change parts of the texture as well as the proportions. However, assets such as the cannon stand I feel like could have gone a bit better as it was quite difficult trying to line up the planks of wood on the UV map so that they would be lined up perfectly in the final texture on the model.

I believe that I have successfully created an asset pack based on my chosen theme/location which was pirates. However, I think I could have improved upon my time management as I feel that I spent too much time modelling, UV mapping and texturing my first few assets.

Peer Feedback

Nathan’s work shows good examples of modelling and texturing which allows his models to look quite realistic making his theme for his asset pack very recognizable. I like how he used his own made textures for most of his models which makes the look a lot more appealing to the eye than other people’s models that have online images as textures. However, I do feel like he could have improved upon the modelling of the cannon itself by giving it a bit more shape to make it look more real and smooth. Overall, I think his project shows clearly the amount of skill that has been used to make his asset pack.


I need to improve upon my detail when modelling and UV mapping.

I could also improve upon my texturing quality so that my work looks even more realistic.

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