Online Learning

Photoshop & Texturing Skills

So far in Photoshop i know how to use layers and overlaying layers with blending to create textures for my Maya models. I know how to import images and shapes as well as how to texture a basic UV mapping.

How I Could Improve ?

I need to work/improve on being able to create more realistic textures as well as being able to texture more complicated UV maps. I will be able to learn these skills by practicing more at home and following the online tutorials.


For my learning of PBR I have experimented with many different maps to add texture, depth, roughness and many other features to my work.

MAT Robot

Using the already made MAT Robot model I have created some normal textures in photoshop for my UV nets. To achieve this I mainly used tools like paint and shapes as well as images from online. I then put all of the textures back onto my project model and rendered the image down below.

MAT Character SNIP.PNG

MAT Robot Normal Maps

Using Normal maps allows for you to create a sense of depth in your textures by using special maps that store the data that is then used by the rendering software to affect how the light interacts with the specific textures. Using Photoshop I created my own normal maps for the face of my MAT model. I then imported the new face texture back into Maya and created a new rendered image of my model.

MAT Character Normal Map.PNG


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